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New photos of Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett!

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This will make you feel better

It’s Freddy Mercumaid

So about a week ago I found out my cousin passed away. & I’m sure people want to know how I feel about it. But to be honest the manor of how it happened & what exactly happened is no ones business. Unless you are very close with me & care but until then you’ll never know. All I’m glad about is the fact that I got to see my cousins house she paid for with her own money. & that by permission I got a whole box of clothes that were hers. & I also got theee most amazing sunglasses I can’t stop wearing that were hers. I feel so grateful knowing her & how many times we had heart to hearts that were between her and I. & the 1,000 & over people who showed up for her funeral can tell you the same.. She touched our lives. All of us. She wasn’t really a human at all.. but an angel in disguise. & I think we all know that now. There’s so much more I have to say but I’m still in shock.


"why do people choose between pepsi and coke, they both taste the same"


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